WWF is one of the world’s largest conservation organizations, with offices in more than 100 countries. WWF Greece was founded in 1991. It is part of the WWF global Family, which consists of 29 National Organizations in more than 100 countries. Through its rising impact on Greek conservation, WWF Greece became an independent National Organization of the WWF international network in 1994, with the legal status of a Public Welfare Foundation established through the Presidential Decree published in the Government Gazette, volume B’, issue 22 of 18-1-1994. WWF’s Greece’s mission is to conserve the rich biodiversity of Greece as an internal part of the Mediterranean, to prevent and eventually reverse its environmental degradation and to minimize our ecological footprint. WWF Greece has approximately 11,000 supporters and since its inception has implemented more than 100 major projects that include the fields of active protection and management of the natural environment (field projects), the organisation of information and awareness campaigns for citizens, the documentation of interventions at environmental policy issues in the country, but also in the implementation of environmental education and training programs.

WWF Greece supported in various ways and has partially funded the HISR’s project “Conservation of the cave fauna of Greece”.  Thank you WWF Greece!

Website: http://www.wwf.gr/