The MAVA Foundation is a Swiss-based philanthropic foundation with an exclusive focus on the conservation of biodiversity. They run four different grant-making programs. Three are region-based: Switzerland, the Mediterranean Basin and West Africa. In each area they have strived to help build extensive conservation capacity, to create and support conservation institutions and influence policy. Their fourth programme, the Sustainable Economy programme, provides opportunities to affect global trends and have an impact that goes beyond their priority regions. The programme explores how to ensure economic prosperity, within the resources of one planet, addressing the issue of overconsumption of natural resources beyond their capacity to regenerate. Since its inception in 1994 by Dr. Hans Lukas “Luc” Hoffmann (23 January 1923 – 21 July 2016), the Foundation has supported more than 750 projects, implemented by over 300 different organisations. These include international and local NGOs, research institutions, universities and occasionally government bodies or individuals.

The MAVA Foundation has funded HISR’s project entitled “Conservation of the cave fauna of Greece”.  Thank you MAVA!